CSANews 119

Snowbird Currency Exchange Program The Snowbird Currency Exchange Program is designed specifically for the snowbird lifestyle. It’s that unique! Join ranks with thousands of satisfied snowbirds who transfer money from Canada to the U.S. at exclusive, preferred exchange rates with few or no fees. It works with all major financial institutions, and the transfers are automatic. The Snowbird Currency Exchange Program is the ultimate in cross-border banking for Canadian snowbirds. The program enables you to transfer money automatically from your regular Canadian chequing account to your U.S.-based bank account. The rest is up to you! You can specify which months and what amounts you want to transfer, or you can have the same amount transferred every month on a continuous basis. Proven by thousands of snowbirds 1-800.265.3200 For information, please call the CSA or download the application from www.snowbirds.org What makes this program really unique is that we pool the funds of every enrolled snowbird and complete a single bulk transaction. This grants us access to exchange rates otherwise unavailable to the consumer, and we pass the savings on to you. Unlike most exchange programs, the Snowbird Currency Exchange Program will not subject you to additional fees when your funds are transferred to your U.S. bank account. It’s that good! The Snowbird Currency Exchange Program – it’s convenient, secure, trusted by thousands and worry-free.